The staff involved in the implementation of the MBA programme is composed of experienced lecturers, eminent national and foreign specialists and experts, the best lecturers of the Military University of Technology, having both a rich scientific background and teaching competences as well as extensive practical experience in organisations dealing with cybersecurity.

Lecturers at MBA studies

Alessandro Armando

Professor of Genoa University, outstanding scientist and cybersecurity specialist, co-creator of the faculty and many projects as well as cybersecurity research programmes at DIBRIS Department of Genoa University. Creator of many startups and spin-off projects, for instance Tales. Author of over 230 cybersecurity scientific articles, quoted over 5300 times all over the world. He contributed to detecting significant gaps in the security of known companies’ IT products, including Google Apps and Android operating system.

Cybersecurity Systems

Konrad Wrona

Doctor of engineering, visiting professor at WAT, chief scientist at the NCIA agency in The Hague. He has over 20 years of experience working in R&D environment in industry (Ericsson Research and SAP Research) and in academia. Author of over 60 publications and several patents. His area of professional interest covers a wide range of security issues - communication networks, wireless and mobile applications, distributed systems and Internet of Things.

NATO Policy on Cyber Defence

Zbigniew Tarapata

Professor of the WAT, Dean of the Faculty of Cybernetics of the WAT. His main area of scientific interest are models, methods and algorithms (especially their computational complexity and accuracy) used in computer decision support and simulation systems for national defence and security. He specializes in construction and analysis of graph-network algorithms. Apart from the WAT, he is a member of scientific associations: European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS), Military Operations Research Society (MORS), Polish Society for Computer Simulation (PTSK - board member), Polish Society for Operational and Systems Research (PTBOiS).

Managerial decisions

Agnieszka Gryszczyńska

Doctor of jurisprudence, computer engineer, assistant professor in the Department of Information Law at UKSW, coordinator of cybercrime proceedings in the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw. A lecturer at the National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution, where he conducts classes on cybercrime. Member of the Council for Digitalisation. Author of numerous publications on legal aspects of computerisation, personal data protection, cybercrime and cyber security.


Bogusław Hajdasz

Doctor of engineering, is a management practitioner. As a manager, he has worked his way up from engineer and salesman to CEO of a company. He has worked for many such foreign companies. He has experience in managing large companies and complex projects such as building a new factory or implementing a new ERP system. He has won numerous awards such as Gold Medal of the Budma Fair, Acantus Aurelius and Teraz Polska. His scientific interests include, among others, crisis management, strategic renewal of a company after a crisis and change management.

Cyber security crisis management

Bolesław Szafrański

Professor of the WAT, for many years scientific director of the National Inter-University Seminar "Research and Design Problems of State Informatization", chairman of the Program Board of the ICT Forum. His research interests include modelling of state information infrastructure, database systems, enterprise architecture, interoperability and security of information systems. He managed or supervised the implementation of several large, complex IT projects.

Protection of transactional and statistical databases

Jerzy Stanik

Professor of the WAT, deputy director of the Institute of Information Systems. His research interests include methods of analysis and risk estimation in the area of cyber security. He conducts lectures in the field of design and implementation of information systems, information security, IT project management. Author of over 100 articles on practical applications of models, methods and methodologies related to risk, security and quality management.

Risk management in cyber security

Mariusz Chmielewski

Doctor of engineering, assistant professor of WAT, Deputy Director of NCBC for IT. He has led several WAT student teams that achieved significant success in international technology competitions Microsoft Imagine Cup Atlantic Council Cyber 9/12, NATO TIDE Hackaton. Winner of over 100 international special awards and medals, including 4 grand prix exhibitions and best invention awards. Author of numerous publications in the field of artificial intelligence and cyber security.

Project management and systems engineering in cyber security

Rafał Kasprzyk

Doctor of engineering, assistant professor of WAT, deputy dean of the Faculty of Cybernetics of WAT. His main area of interest concerns modelling, simulation and analysis of network systems. Member of the team for elaboration of the Member of the team to develop a concept of increasing capabilities for cyberspace operations in the Polish Armed Forces. A manager of many projects awarded at the International Invention Fair. Supervisor of numerous student teams taking top places in IT competitions.

The information warfare theory

Krzysztof Silicki

Security and information expert, Polish representative in ENISA, NASK Deputy Director for Cyber-security and Innovation. Deputy Director of NASK for cyber security and innovation. Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Digitalisation in 2017-2018, responsible for the area of cyber security. Polish representative on the Governing Board of the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) and on the Executive Council. Creator of the first cyber threat response team in the country - CERT Polska. Initiator of innovative cyber security projects, such as ARAKIS, ARAKIS.GOV. Author of numerous publications in the area of cyber security. From 2019. Secretary of the College for Cyber Security.

National cybersecurity system

Wiesław Barcikowski

Doctor of engineering, assistant professor of the WAT. He is involved in IT services management. For many years, he was a director of IT departments in public administration institutions and banking, responsible for production and safe operation of IT systems. Graduate of postgraduate studies in information systems management at the Information Resources Management College, National Defence University (USA). He holds the Chief Information Officer certificate issued by the US Department of Defense.

IT services management

Diploma seminar

Mirosław Maj

Co-founder and vice-president of ComCERT SA and founder and president of the Safe Cyber space Foundation. Member of the 5th term of the Digitization Council. Advisor to the Minister of National Defense in 2017-2018. Previously associated with NASK, where he led the CERT Polska team. He lectures on ICT security at several universities. He is the originator and initiator of the establishment of the Polish Civic Cyber Defense as a voluntary organization supporting the cybersecurity system of the Republic of Poland. Co-founder of the international foundation - Open CSIRT Foundation.

Cyberconflicts in the international relationships