About MBA studies at MUT

MBA postgraduate studies at MUT Faculty of Cybernetics in the field of cybersecurity are addressed to persons wishing to improve skills related to broadly understood cybersecurity. The studies are intended for people with higher education and specific experience in managerial positions, who are professionally involved with aspects of cybersecurity.

Studies attended at MUT distinguish mainly three basic elements: a unique cybersecurity programme, highly qualified staff and programme implementation in cooperation with recognised foreign centres.

MBA graduates shall acquire unique competencies, combining knowledge and practical skills, enabling them to plan strategy and future shape of cybersecurity management at institutions or organisations.

Studies allow students to acquire in-depth knowledge, including in the field of modern methods of managing organisations and their information resources, implementing information strategies within many aspects of cybersecurity, learning about legal issues related to cybersecurity, including those related to IT incidents’ management. During the studies, students will also get to know the latest technologies related to information security, securing resources and information as well as management of IT security systems and organisational IT systems’ security risk assessment.Studia pozwalają słuchaczom na zdobycie pogłębionej wiedzy m. in. w zakresie nowoczesnych metod zarządzania organizacjami oraz ich zasobami informacyjnymi, wdrażania strategii informacyjnych w wielu aspektach cyberbezpieczeństwa, poznanie zagadnień prawnych związanych z cyberbezpieczeństwem, w tym dotyczących postępowania z incydentem informatycznym. Dzięki studiom słuchacze poznają także najnowsze technologie związane z bezpieczeństwem informacyjnym, zabezpieczaniem zasobów i informacji, a także zarządzania systemami bezpieczeństwa IT oraz oceną ryzyka w bezpieczeństwie systemów informacyjnych organizacji.

In order to complete the studies, students shall be required to successfully pass all the exams followed by the final examination. Graduates are awarded the "Master of Business Administration Degree" issued by MUT.

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Prestigious university in Poland

Study at the best military university in our country with a well-established world position.

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Unique MBA Programme

The programme of interdisciplinary studies will help you to acquire the knowledge necessary during your professional career.

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Highly qualified staff

Our lecturers are outstanding specialists in their well-established scientific fields.

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Reputable foreign partners

Studies are carried out with the participation of the Genoa University DIBRIS Department (DIBRIS Department of Informatics, Bioengineering, Robotics, and Systems Engineering) and NATO Communications and Information Agency in Hague.

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Competitive price

MBA studies at MUT offer the highest quality of education at an affordable price.

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Join a small group of cybersecurity specialists.